This campaign site, encompassing radio and newspaper, is initiated by a Gambian journalist, Pa Modou Bojang, who was denied the right to practice journalism in his home country. Gambiankolu Media and African Radio (GMAR) aims to give voice to voiceless people, particularly Gambians. GMAR is committed to delivering accurate and unbiased information.


Owner & Publisher

GMAR has a training component that intends to provide journalism training to people, in particular, refugees and asylees. These trainings are intended to help trainees enhance their skills in writing, interview techniques, and ethics of journalism, among others. GMAR’s overall goal is to celebrate and promote positive contributions minority groups have been making in the city of Liverpool.

Radio Production course

GMAR’s mantra is to uphold and promote democratic values. In this regard, it has created a platform for marriage of diverse opinions and ideas. Anyone who shares these core beliefs is welcome to partner with us. Together we can create awareness, lift barriers of censorship and create a world where nobody lives with fear of not being heard. GMAR will remain grateful to people whose untiring efforts turn the GMAR dreams into reality.