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Yanks Darboe(3)

Gambia Day Of Outrage

By Yanks Darboe

The Charter 1970 Gambian Diaspora movement aka C70 is organising a mass demonstration in London, United Kingdom on Tuesday, 4th September 2012, at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Offices in London, as part of Gambia’s Day of Outrage against Yahya Jammeh’s executions of 9 death row inmates in the Gambia.

Gambia Day Of Outrage

The demonstrations will start at 12.00pm till 15.00pm London Greenwich Meridian Time. The nearest tube station to the place is “Westminster Tube Station” on the London Underground lines of Jubilee, District and Circle Lines.

Mr Ablie Jobe, chairman of the C70 Diaspora movement and Secretary General of Senegambian Human Right Group urges all Gambians in the United Kingdom to attend the event and demand an end to Yahya Jammeh’s madness of killing Gambians. He explained that the demonstrations are part of a worldwide event organised by Gambians in the Diaspora in various countries including  the United States, UK, Holland and Norway.

He explained that by going out to the streets, especially in the West, is important in attracting much international attention to the brutal actions of Yahya Jammeh in the Gambia. He said it further assist in gathering more support for the Gambians’ cause to end the tyranny of Yahya Jammeh.

End Of An Era


Lawyer Yanks Darboe, member of the C70 Diaspora movement expressed that: “if there is better opportunity to bring down the evil regime of Yahya Jammeh by popular people’s revolution is now more than ever”. He explained that the execution of the country’s death row inmates should give our people a cause to fight than cowed by Yahya Jammeh”.

Mr Bamba Serign Mass, Public Relationship Officer (PRO) of the C70 Diaspora movement, urges all Gambians in the United Kingdom to come out to London on the scheduled date to put pressure on the British government to do something about Yahya Jammeh’s madness.

Mr James Bahoum Assistant SG C70 explained the protest slogans for demonstration, which will be: “JAMMEH MUST GO”, “NA DEM, NA DEM, NA DEMA DEM”; “NO TO DEATH PENALTY, NOT IN MY BACK YARD”; “RESTORE THE RULE OF LAW”; “ISOLATE THE TYRANT”